What is WPS Office, and how can it help me with my daily work?

What is WPS Office, and how can it help me with my daily work?

As an office software, WPS office 2021 download allows you to edit files in Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheet, and PDF to improve your work efficiency. However, different users have different needs. 

In the following part of this article, we will have a look at the details of these four applications and how they can benefit you in your daily work.

Create documents using WPS Word Processor

WPS Writer will feel incredibly familiar if you’ve ever used Microsoft Word. The interface, fonts, menus, sidebars, etc., are exactly what you’d expect.

It supports tables as well as all of your usual character and paragraph formatting tools, too. There’s also a nice selection of templates to choose from if you’re in a rush to get started on something. 

The biggest difference between WPS Writer and other word processors is that it doesn’t have any kind of document management system. That means there’s no way to search for old documents or set up folders-you just create new ones each time you need them. 

This isn’t ideal for professional writers who might want access to their entire portfolio at once. Still, most users should be fine without these features. For basic document creation, WPS Writer has everything you need.

Add Charts and Tables using WPS Presentation.

Different industries have different uses for charts, graphs, and tables. They’re all similar in that they use data to show information or support a statement or thesis. Using them effectively requires understanding who your audience is, what you want to say, and what they need to hear. 

When constructing visuals, keep these questions in mind: Who am I trying to reach? What are they looking for? What do I want them to take away from what I’m saying? Does my graphic reflect those answers correctly? 

How effective would I be if there were no graphics at all? Before adding graphics or statistics to your presentation, you should always answer these questions. Check out our guide on making great slides for more info. All you need are some bar graph images.

Organize Data Using PivotTable Function

PivotTable is a powerful function in Excel that allows you to analyze data easily, without manual computation. In a pivot table, you’re able to gather massive amounts of information intuitively and get instant analysis of large sets of data. 

You should try it out if you want to make your life easier. For example, let’s say you want to find out how many orders each customer has placed from January to March. With PivotTable, you can answer questions like these instantly. It’s really amazing. Here are some quick steps for setting up a pivot table:

Save Files as PDF/Export to Other Formats Using WPS Spreadsheets

Since its layout resembles traditional Excel, most users find it easy to switch from Microsoft Office to WPS Spreadsheets. You can also get an office 2019 download to get full access.

When editing spreadsheets, you can save files as PDFs or export them to other formats such as Excel, HTML, and Open Document Text (.odt). You may also import data into existing spreadsheets or create new ones directly from a CSV file. 

With tabs for various different sheets of information open at once, you’ll always be able to keep up with any calculations on the go.

When syncing files across different PCs, changes will automatically be saved in both directions, which means users always work with the latest versions of their documents.

This robust free office suite helps your business stay productive on every desktop and mobile device and boosts your business by improving your service quality.

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