Should Have Consider These Things When Creating Hyper-Casual Games

Should Have Consider These Things When Creating Hyper-Casual Games

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  • July 4, 2022
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Full-fledged games are developed in stages before they are released on the market. Similarly, hyper-casual games require a great deal of art work and are often a laborious process. Artists form teams for every project and work on each detail to ensure that the game’s visuals are cohesive. Listed below are a few things that an artist should have when creating hyper-casual games.

Creating Graphics For A Hyper-Casual Game

Hyper-casual games typically feature clean visuals and a minimal amount of detail. Many use basic geometric shapes and lines to make it easier to focus on the game. Hyper-casuals also typically have limited mechanics, with a focus on a single mechanic. While these games often lack in complexity, they do differ in aesthetics, game mechanics, and content.

The most popular hyper-casual games feature a gravity mechanic, which encourages the player to contribute to the rise and fall of an object or environment. Increasing the number of obstacles and introducing a gravity mechanic increases the level’s challenge. The player is encouraged to make strategic choices, like building a platforming strategy to reach the goal in each level.

Because of their popularity, hyper-casual games are likely to have more realistic graphics than traditional games. No longer will gamers be surprised by cartoon-like visuals; instead, they will be rewarded for the skillful development they’ve made. By using an EJAW-compatible tool, developers can focus on other aspects of the hyper-casual game development process, like level design and gameplay. Their website link

Creating 3D Graphics For A Hyper-Casual Game


Hyper-casual games are aimed at a wide range of audiences. They should focus on topics that everyone will find interesting, such as sports, travel, food, or animals. Hyper-casual games do not need complex backgrounds or characters; rather, they focus on action and simple forms. However, it is important to remember that a hyper-casual game must be simple and easy to learn, without being overwhelming.

Hyper-casual games are a perfect example of this. They can use almost any game mechanic that will keep people interested in playing. For example, a game called Helio Jump utilizes a bouncing ball with varying colored floors and openings. The player must pass through all the openings to reach the next level. Generally, the openings are small, and the obstacles increase in size as the levels progress.

Developing In-App Advertising For A Hyper-Casual Game

In-app advertising is a key component of the monetization strategy for hyper-casual games. While ads may be the number one revenue generator, EJAW also cause high churn rates as players can quickly grow bored of the ads and quit. To avoid this, developers should focus on developing features that improve the core gaming experience, such as graphical skins and other game accessories.

A well-designed video in an app plays an important role in generating revenue. A video in a hyper-casual game can be highly valuable, increasing the likelihood of a player viewing it. However, ads placed within these types of games should be as disruptive as possible to prevent ad skippability.


If you’re putting together a hyper-casual game, you may be confused about how to create an effective theme. While the visual design of your game is extremely important, it should never come before the gameplay. A well-designed hyper-casual game has strong gameplay, and it should captivate users right away.

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