How to make the human resource planning process more efficient within your organisation?

How to make the human resource planning process more efficient within your organisation?

Human resource planning is a key activity in organisations. Planning is vital for any process and is all the more important for HR. The HR department needs to make a projection of how many people it intends to recruit.

Proper planning ensures the right employee strength. It also ensures that contingencies are in place in case someone leaves suddenly. Efficient planning allows your organisation to avoid problems like being overstaffed or understaffed.

You need to focus on making the HR planning more efficient, so your HR process is optimised. We have some guidelines you can keep in mind to improve the HR planning in your organisation.

Making HR Planning more efficient

1. Keep company objectives in mind while planning

The first step in HR planning is to identify HR needs. You can make this process more efficient by keeping the company’s objectives in mind. The goals of the company will help you understand if the company is poised for growth or expansion. This will help you make a more efficient project on manpower needs. It will also help you understand which function in the company is likely to have increased needs.

2. Use a software solution

You can consider using cloud based human resources software to make HR planning more effective. Using a cloud-based solution allows you access to the software 24/7 from anywhere. It is better than installing software on your system. Such software will not help in HR planning but will help you automate many HR processes. This will help you improve employee engagement. The overall effectiveness and efficiency of HR processes would be enhanced by using such software.

3. Consider future changes

Future changes are decided by many factors. Company policies and plans can decide changes that would occur in the future. Changes in the political environment, changes in the economy, technological changes, and social changes also affect the future. Keeping these in mind will help you understand what changes the company would implement. This will help you understand how manpower planning would be affected. You can then plan to ensure the company has sufficient manpower in line with changes.

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4. Practice strategic forecasting

Strategic forecasting involves making a detailed forecast of future needs. You need to collect data from all departments to make such a forecast. Some things to do include:

  • Make a list of people retiring from the organisation.
  • Estimate turnover or the rate at which people would leave.
  • Predict new job requirements that would arise through the year – spread across quarters.
  • Predict business performance and its impact on manpower needs.
  • Forecast training needs for the year and use this to make a manpower projection.

5. Include career planning

Employee engagement is one of the key goals of HR. If you want happy employees who give their best, then you need to help them with career planning. HR planning can be made more efficient by including succession planning. This will help employees know how they can progress in the organisation and their future career prospects. This can boost morale in the organisation.

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