How to choose a guitar

How to choose a guitar

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  • November 7, 2022
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Your first guitar can bring you a lot of pleasure, or it can completely disappoint. After all, gradually learning an instrument entails a lot of trial and error. That’s why you should choose a guitar from the very beginning that will motivate you to keep playing despite initial difficulties. But how to choose the right guitar with EKmixmaster studio? Ask yourself a few questions to help you navigate through the vast selection of guitars.

What is a guitar for?

Do you want to earn money as a guitarist or are you just going to play in your spare time? We have a large selection of concert and electric guitars. Both sound great and are easy to use.

What kind of music do I really want to play? Most beginners are tormented by this very question. If you like loud music and love fat riffs, you should definitely get an electric guitar. If you want to be able to play your guitar anywhere, anytime, choose an acoustic guitar. What should I look for when choosing individual guitars?

The wood used for production and the quality of workmanship play an important role in acoustic guitars and electro-acoustic guitars. Here you can find out how individual types of wood affect the sound of the instrument.

How can I choose a guitar if I still can’t decide?

Think about your favorite songs, your favorite bands, and the genres of music you like to listen to. You must reach for the instruments with which your favorite music was written. Rock fans will definitely choose one of the LP, ST or T models, fans of dark music will definitely choose Hard & Heavy electric guitars with a brutal sound. Your favorite genre is folk? Then choose an acoustic guitar. Do you like Latin American? Then a concert guitar is for you. Take your time to think about it, look at the individual models at and decide for yourself which guitar is best for the major.

What are the most famous brands of guitars?

When it comes to electric guitars, there are definitely two giants, Fender and Gibson. It is impossible not to mention the top Japanese manufacturer Ibanez. The best acoustic guitars are made by leading manufacturers such as Martin, LAG or Takamine. High-quality concert guitars – the world famous company Yamaha.

If I wanted to buy a standard guitar, what would you recommend?

When it comes to electric guitars, the Stratocaster and Les Paul models are considered standard. The Stratocaster offers a sharper, glassier sound. Les Paul sound softer and more gentle. However, if played correctly, the tones can be much sharper and more powerful. When it comes to acoustic guitars, the dreadnought label is legendary: rich bass, great loud sound.

When it comes to concert guitars, special attention should be paid to the correct size of the instrument. Concert guitars come in different sizes – for adults, teenagers and children. Pick the right one to fit your fingers on the fretboard. Choose the right guitar and be always in harmony! You should take good care of your new instrument – it’s up to you whether you quit the game in a few months or become a star in a few years.

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