Everything to Know about Relatives Adopting a Child in Georgia

Everything to Know about Relatives Adopting a Child in Georgia

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  • August 19, 2022
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According to many people’s perception, the idea of a relative adopting a child in Georgia is the best thing that can happen to a child because the blood relatives will take care of the kid in the best way. But often, this adoption type can become problematic because of the behavior of either the adoptive family or the child.

This article will focus on the circumstances surrounding the eligibility of the adoption, who can adopt a relative’s child, and tips to cope with various situations.

When is a Relative Eligible for Adopting a Child in Georgia?

The following conditions and circumstances must develop when applying for a relative adoption. One thing that has to be understood is that the court ensures that the child first goes to a relative.

  1.       The death of either or both birth parents.
  2.       The child suffers from physical or psychological abuse.
  3.       The parents are financially unable to support the child.
  4.       The pregnancy was unplanned, or the expected parents didn’t want the kid.

Who is Eligible for Relative Adoption According to an Attorney

Potential applicants must remember the three most important points before applying for relative adoption.

  1.       Only the relatives having a blood relation with the child are qualified for adoption.
  2.       These relatives should be from the child’s maternal or paternal family side.
  3.       The people eligible to adopt a child through relative adoption include uncle, aunt, grandparent, great grandparent, great aunt, great uncle, and even siblings.

Advice from an Adoption Attorney in Atlanta

Lawyers initially consider this adoption because the child will go to their blood relative. But several issues develop because the child ren might not know their relatives, the relatives are unaware of the adoption laws, and the blood relations might discriminate between their biological and adopted children. To overcome these issues, the relatives must listen to the advice of adoption attorneys like Tom Tebeau.

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Acquire Everything from Adoption Lawyers

The relatives must know everything about this adoption type, from who is eligible to apply, the circumstances of the adoption, and the rules and regulations.

Giving Attention to the Kids for Adoption in Georgia

If the kids for adoption in Georgia are older and able to comprehend the situation, then the relatives should give attention and care to them. They are in a fragile state of mind, and you might not know what impacts the whole adoption process on them.

Contact International Adoption Agencies in Georgia

Sometimes the child you are adopting is living in another country. You should be careful and patiently wait for confirmation and proceed with the process through adoption agencies in Georgia.

Equality Between the Biological and Adopted Children

A logical reason the adoptive family gives to justify their love for the adopted children is that they have suffered emotionally from the separation from their parents. But what the adoptive family should understand is that they must not neglect their biological children.

Allow the Child to Meet the Birth Parents

Although the court gives the child into the custody of the blood relative, the rights of parents to visit the child are not eliminated. This privilege of the meeting between child and parents is only given in relative adoption.

Keep the House Environment Friendly

Many times, the child, after a relative adoption, is comfortable in the house because they might have been coming and living with the family. But the adoptive families have to keep the house environment friendly. This will make the child feel comfortable and welcomed.

These are the important things that relatives should consider when adopting a child in Georgia.

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