Best cosmetic treatments to make yourself look rejuvenated

Best cosmetic treatments to make yourself look rejuvenated

What’s so great about Retin-A? It works! …and there’s data to prove it! Prescription grade Vitamin A, aka a retinoid, is the most important anti-aging skincare product to incorporate into your routine. Retin-A (aka Tretinoin) cream is a synthetic form of Vitamin A that increases cell turnover. It is important to know the difference between retin a vs retinol.

It works at the cellular level and:

Prevents/reduces acne
Improves fine lines
Reduces dark spots
Improves skin tone and texture
Boosts collagen production
Research has shown it has the potential to stop photoaging before it starts

Not only does Retin-A improve the cosmetic appearance of the skin, but it also helps treat some functional problems of the skin such as precancerous conditions like actinic keratoses. However, it is important to use vegan skincare, no matter what product you choose to use. Tretinoin and retinol are difficult to find to be 100% vegan, but it is possible.

Antiwrinkle treatment is a muscle relaxant, it helps to relax the muscles so they stop making ‘dynamic lines’ (lines formed in animation) which, over time become ‘static lines’ (lines that are present without animation) this is how we can slow down the signs of ageing.⠀

However, it’s important to remember that wrinkles in the skin aren’t only formed by muscle movement, chronological ageing causes the degradation of collagen & elastin, and sun damage speeds up this process 10 fold, so you also need to be using quality skin care and ensuring you’re being sun smart! You also need to use a good vitamin C cream or serum on a daily basis.

Crow’s feet and bunny lines can appear while smiling. Botox can help smooth those lines so you don’t have to worry about them when you are at your happiest. When you choose and aesthetic provider who is well trained, has an aesthetic eye and confident in the treatments they’re performing you should never look ‘over done’.  As always, my personal goal when delivering aesthetic medicine is “Look fresh, not fake”.

Lip flip vs filler – which one is right for you? Neurotoxins such as Botox and can be used to relax the muscles around the mouth allowing the lip to flip outward, creating the appearance of fuller lips. Also don’t forget to use clean skincare – that’s the healthiest products that can be used with good and natural ingredients.

Interesting information about ifun

PROS of the lip flip
Amplifies the natural shape of your lips for an all-natural effect
Less-invasive option for lip enhancement
Less expensive than lip filler – typically 4-6 units of Botox are used
There’s no downtime after the injections

Doesn’t last as long as filler
Full results take about 1 week
The results may be too subtle for those wanting a more dramatic change

Lip fillers are injected to add volume
PROS of filler
Adds volume “plumping” the lips

Smooths out lip lines

Lips appear hydrated

Helps correct asymmetries

You see results right away

Volume can be easily controlled for your desired result

Lasts up to a year

More expensive than a lip flip – although you are paying for longer results

May have some bruising and swelling for a few days after treatment

Takes a couple of weeks to fully settle



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