5 ways to sport a quirky dirndl dress for a traditional wedding

5 ways to sport a quirky dirndl dress for a traditional wedding

A Bavarian wedding means food, drinks, family and an opportunity to wear a dirndl dress. You can uplift your German dirndl dress and make a spellbinding appearance at a traditional wedding. We can’t stress enough that you can wear a dirndl in various ways at various events. You sport a fun-loving look at Oktoberfest, or you can wear it at a wedding. 

How to don a dirndl dress for a Bavarian wedding? 

Wearing a dirndl dress to a traditional wedding looks more appropriate. You are not compromising on the latest fashion while doing so. It is because dirndl dresses have come a very long way. It has been revamped as per the latest trends. They don’t look the same as they used to back in the 19th century. 

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We have come up with the most effective ways you can wear a dirndl to a wedding and look breathtakingly beautiful.

  • Fabric selection

A traditional wedding means wearing a shiny and glamorous dress. A dirndl can provide you with the most desirable look with ease. It is the right choice you make to reach your goal. The goal is to look ravishing at your wedding or someone else. The choice of fabric plays a crucial role here. For a traditional wedding, opt for satin/silk fabrics.

Moreover, you can customize your dress with plenty of options for aprons, bows, and blouses. You can make it as appealing as you like. You can go with v-neckline blouses to give it a touch of modernity. Also, a puffed or ruffled will add more details to your dress. 

  1. Color choice

Colors bring life to your dress, especially when choosing a traditional wedding dress. Previously traditional German dirndls were only available in black, blue, and soft pink. However, today you are fortunate to have a wide range of colors. 

For a traditional wedding, solid bright colors are the best choice. Also, you have color contrast as well. If you wish to wear a warm toned dirndl dress to the wedding, you wear a bright color apron or bow to add a color pop.

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  1. Pick the right shoe

Pick the right pair of shoes to get queenly vibes at your wedding. A dirndl is an expressive dress; you must be careful with shoe selection. It should be as elegant and delicate as your dress and should compliment it. A pair of heels would look great with your dirndl dress. 

Moreover, if you are not an admirer of heels for a wedding, you can go for block heels or wedges too.

4.Level up your accessory 

Accessories can make or break the deal for you. The results can be horrific if you are planning to wear heavy ornaments to a traditional wedding. You have to match your accessories with your dress. You must wear traditional Bavarian jewelry in a delicate dress like dirndl. A choker paired with minimal earrings or studs goes perfectly with a dirndl. 


Since it’s a traditional wedding wearing an arm band or bracelet can add more detail to your look. You can even sport a bloom crown or tiaras with wedding attires. Furthermore, keep your hairdo minimal and subtle. Wear your hair in a loose bun or adorn a soft curls look.

  1. Subtle makeup

A subtle makeup look is perfect for a day wedding. The reason is that a dirndl has already added a shiny/shimmery effect to your look. Keep your makeup soft and minimal, so it doesn’t overshadow your dress. 


You can opt for a colored liner if you want, though. It will give you a pop of color to your eyes. Also, it is recommended to use cream blush for a luminous look. Always remember to wear a moisturizer under makeup for a dewy effect.

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Groomsmen Lederhosen insight

Let the groom take over now! The traditional German Lederhosen will remind you of the time working men in Bavaria and Austria used to wear it. Lederhosen, today it has been upgraded as per the latest trends. It gives you a rustic and masculine look that is perfect for every man.

You can explore the extensive range of groomsmen Lederhosen to compliment the bride. After all, a traditional wedding means partners compliment each other. For traditional Lederhosen, you can look for traditional Lederhosen shoes and pair them with Lederhosen socks. A German waistcoat and a checkered Bavarian shirt are perfect for a gentlemen’s look.

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